At Oakwood, the ways we learn and the ways we live our values are one and the same. We revel in complex thinking. We root everything we do in relationships and community. We take action on the issues that matter. These commitments are the foundation of our teaching and learning. They also guide our pursuit of societal values such as equity, sustainability, and civic responsibility. The priorities and projects outlined below further these commitments by empowering students to explore their passions, find their voice and make a difference. Our vision for Oakwood has emerged from conversations with our community as a whole and the future we are pursuing can only be realized by all of us, together. I am grateful to be partnering with you and every member of the Oakwood community to move our school forward.

Jaime A. Dominguez
Head of School

These priorities are generating high-impact projects.

Curriculum Review & Alignment

Curriculum Review And Revision, K-12

By aligning the content and skills that are taught from the time a student begins their education to when they graduate, we will realize one of the greatest advantages of a K-12 education. Aspects of this work will include increasing the interdisciplinary nature of our curriculum and manifesting diversity, equity and inclusion as central to an excellent educational experience.

> Curriculum review started Fall 2021
> Departmentalization of 5th-6th Grades started Fall 2021
> Revised curriculum launching Fall 2023

Da Vinci Lab On The Elementary Campus

The Da Vinci Lab will support students’ creativity and entrepreneurial spirit from the youngest ages by providing Elementary Campus students with project-based and design-thinking learning experiences. Our plans include new construction to create a dedicated home for Da Vinci Lab programs and equipment. 

> Da Vinci Lab programming started Fall 2021
> Fully-realized Da Vinci Lab opening date to be determined

Owls Athletics Field

Owls Athletics Field

Acquiring a sports field that will enable consistent access is a top priority. The ideal field will provide practice facilities for multiple sports (e.g. soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, physical education).

> Owls Athletics Field opening date to be determined

The Arts Building

Arts Building On The Secondary Campus

This three-story building planned for the corner of Magnolia Boulevard and Lemp Avenue will bring our arts facilities up to standards set by the boundless creativity and imagination of our students. Dramatically increasing the quality and size of our spaces for the visual and theater arts, including quadrupling our space for film and video and doubling the size of our theater facilities, the building will also include sustainability features such as solar panels, architecturally-integrated shading, natural ventilation pathways, and a rooftop garden. Our Board is now preparing to approve the project and determine the fundraising goal that will enable us to move this project forward.

> Arts Building opening date to be determined

Increasing Student Support Services And Wellness

We have added staff focused on providing academic as well as emotional and social support so students have the personalized tools to be successful at Oakwood. We have increased services at the Study Center at the Secondary Campus to provide students with drop-in support for gaining conceptual understanding across subject areas, managing workload, and building organizational skills. At the Elementary Campus, we are providing additional counseling and mathematics support which has included new approaches for supporting students in expressing their emotions constructively and developing positive, growth-oriented mindsets for math.

> Secondary Director of Counseling & Wellness added Fall 2020
> Elementary School Counselor added Fall 2021
> Elementary Math Specialist added Fall 2021
> Elementary Math Lab added Fall 2021


The way we learn and the way we live our values should not be separate pursuits. They are one and the same.

Jaime A. Dominguez
Head of School

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Oakwood’s Sustainability Plan

We recognize we must take action to impede the negative effects of human activity on the planet. To this end, Oakwood has established the Sustainability Working Group. Made up of school administrators, students, parents and guardians, this team meets monthly and is charged with charting pathways for the school to commit to pledges around zero waste, carbon neutrality, and environmental justice education.

> Sustainability Plan published Fall 2023

Affinity & Alliance Spaces

Affinity And Alliance Spaces, 5th-12th Grades

Forming solidarity through learning, support, affirmation and celebration of identities within affinity and alliance spaces and throughout campus will enhance the experience of belonging for 5th through 12th graders.

> Affinity and alliance groups for 7th-12th Grades started 2011
> Affinity group added for 5th-6th Grades starting Spring 2022

World Languages

World Languages, K-12

By acquiring Spanish, our students are deepening their cultural competency, their understanding of difference, and their ability to engage more deeply with the Los Angeles community. Our Spanish program utilizes a multifaceted approach to language acquisition that provides the requisite skills for conversation, reading and writing while also emphasizing history, culture and geography of several Spanish-speaking countries. Literature, art, music and celebrations add a rich texture to the curriculum.

> Spanish K-4 started Fall 2021
> Spanish for 5th Grade starting Fall 2022
> Spanish for 6th Grade starting Fall 2023