At Oakwood, we root everything we do in community and relationships. These projects will ensure that all members of our school community experience belonging and have the support and resources to contribute their whole selves.
Affinity & Alliance Spaces

Affinity And Alliance Spaces, 5th-12th Grades

Forming solidarity through learning, support, affirmation and celebration of identities within affinity and alliance spaces and throughout campus will enhance the experience of belonging for 5th through 12th graders.

> Affinity and alliance groups for 7th-12th Grades started 2011
> Affinity group added for 5th-6th Grades starting Spring 2022

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Increasing The Diversity Of Our Student Body, Faculty And Staff

Pursuing intersectionally diverse members to join our student body, faculty, and staff is an essential part of building a community which supports and sustains people of historically excluded identities through equitable practices that foster excellence, offer mirrors and celebrate the contributions of historically excluded groups.

> Increasing from 43% to 50% of student body self-identifying as students of color


Increasing Student Support Services And Wellness

We have added staff focused on providing academic as well as emotional and social support so students have the personalized tools to be successful at Oakwood. We have increased services at the Study Center at the Secondary Campus to provide students with drop-in support for gaining conceptual understanding across subject areas, managing workload, and building organizational skills. At the Elementary Campus, we are providing additional counseling and mathematics support which has included new approaches for supporting students in expressing their emotions constructively and developing positive, growth-oriented mindsets for math.

> Secondary Director of Counseling & Wellness added Fall 2020
> Elementary School Counselor added Fall 2021
> Elementary Math Specialist added Fall 2021
> Elementary Math Lab added Fall 2021


Middle School Program Development

The Middle School years are some of the most formative and dynamic in a child’s life. We can best support and empower our Middle School students by providing them with interactions, milestones and opportunities for leadership that are distinct.

> Separate Middle School lunch period started Fall 2021

> Relaunch of Middle School Newspaper, in-person Debate program, and Middle School affinity spaces 2021-22
> Weekly Middle School enrichment period and after-school enrichment programs, including Middle School Drama Company and Music Production, added 2021-22

> Additional Middle School clubs and enrichment opportunities starting Fall 2022
> 8th Grade trip experience, starting date to be determined

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Faculty Development And Support

Providing faculty with training and resources to support them as talented, innovative educators dedicated to authentic, trusting relationships with students.

> Reflection on assessment, student feedback, and grading practices to support best and equitable practices
> Professional development for social-emotional learning, equity literacy, and culturally responsive teaching and pedagogy
> Developing common frameworks and language for our anti-racist and anti-bias practices in all aspects of the school
> Supporting innovative curriculum design with a focus on discovery-seeking and experiential learning

Growing Financial Assistance Through The Scholarship Endowment Fund

The ability to offer financial assistance to meet the needs of a socioeconomically diverse student body ensures that all qualified students can attend regardless of their families’ income.

> Increasing from 20% to 25% of families receiving need-based financial assistance

The Oakwood Kitchen And Nutrition Program

Oakwood’s first-ever school-run food program nourishes students’ bodies and fuels their learning through an enticing, diverse menu that puts student health front and center while also benefiting the health of the planet through locally sourced ingredients and reduced waste.

> Kitchen and Servery opened Fall 2021

Parents & Guardians as Partners

Sustaining and strengthening school and parent/guardian partnerships in support of students’ educational and developmental goals.

> Improving the Oakwood Connected online portal

> Supporting the Parent/Guardian Organization’s work to encourage volunteerism and involvement
> Offering parent/guardian education
> Timely and effective communication between school and home to support student outcomes